New series?.. Maybe?

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Soo, this is my latest painting that will soon be followed by some earlier ones (mostly because I have no pictures of them right now).. It’s the second in a possible series with some common elements and styles that I may do 10 of. Still learning, playing and appreciating the ability to do art for a living every day.

Art Life.

Acrylic on Canvas.

14×10 and an alf’ inches.


Bring me money!

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So after a long, long, long time of not posting a thing I’ve decided to dedicate myself to actually creating a (hopefully) interesting blog. I’ve been painting quite a bit lately and starting to understand the medium much better with everything I do. I’m gonna post some pictures and possibly even tattoos on here as well just to keep updating regularly.

My life is going fucking great and I have a lot of people who really support me and my goals..

This painting was done as a kind of charm to bring me some cash one week when I was broke and needed to get to Kamloops to get my ’72 Plymouth Valiant.. I’d just handed ICBC a grand to get insurance and I was a little lost. The painting did exactly what I wanted.

Acrylic on Canvas 8×12″

$200 SOLD

.. Enjoy.

Alright, jesus.

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So here’s the portrait of Tom Waits I’ve had sketched on canvas for like a year, only to just start painting recently. I was scared shitless to do this one, having built it up to epic proportions in my mind beforehand but yesterday I had a brave moment and just started..

I sprayed the drawing down with Krylon fixative beforehand to prevent smudging and went to town. Used a lot of techniques I haven’t tried yet and for the most part it was a success, even though there are several things about it that totally make me want to pull my own face off.

Tom Waits – Acrylic on Canvas UNAVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

Spirit girl (Untitled) – Acrylic on Canvas FOR SALE $300

Mixing it up a little bit.

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Well this is a little different.. I used Montana spray paints for the background, paint pens for the butterflies and lettering, and acrylic with brushes for the skull.. Thought I’d try some mixed media and I’ll probably be incorporating more once I get my painting chops up. Hope you like it.

Painting is hard.

Another painting!

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I’m having tons of fun painting and trying out new techniques and I think I’m going to stick to acrylics.  This is the first painting I’ve done bigger than 6 – 8″ so it was a lot of fun. A good friend and also kick-ass painter has been nice enough to give me a lot of tips and answer my endless questions, so I’ve tried to apply as much of that as I could. This is definitely moving more toward what I’m trying to achieve.


I still have so, so, so, so far to go until I’m happy, but this I think, is a good start.


First couple paintings..

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Hey, so it’s been way too long since I posted on this thing.. Recently I’ve been inspired to pick up a paint brush basically for the first time.

Here are 2 little paintings for your eyeballs.  Acrylic on dollar store wood board and wee canvas.



“The Beast Within.”

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Bruce Banner delusional?