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Some sketches I did recently that will eventually become paintings.. Letters and letter structure are a pretty incredible artform of their own.. Graffiti, to me, is language as art and I love it.



Sketch #1

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Sometimes when you don’t have time to attempt a masterpiece, a detailed sketch can do wonders to get rid of an art jones. This particular piece went through several phases before it ended up as it is now.. There are a couple things about it that bug the shit out of me but whatever.. There’ll be more sketches coming soon.


Night of the kitchen ninja.

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Well there are always those nights that happen when you have a camera and inexplicable lighting conditions.. and strange girls. n525607063_625937_4333n525607063_625935_36621n525607063_625946_7781n525607063_625940_5273n525607063_625949_8722n525607063_625942_5981n525607063_625952_9743

Snake vs. Beetles

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This was a fun piece to do. Prismacolors on vellum is a great medium. This was for a tattoo flash thing that I was working on.

First digital illustration.

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I’ve always wanted to colour stuff in Photoshop but I never got around to it until a while ago. I started by asking Cablz (<- That’s a link by the way.) questions and pried out some seriously useful information which got me going.

This drawing was done during a time where all I could really think about the perils of factory farming and how absolutely disgusting it’s become..

My epic overuse of the splatter brush can’t be met. Thank you splatter brush, for making it look like I have a semblance of talent.pigheadcopy-22